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Catherine is a life long dancer from New Orleans, La, a.k.a. "Nawlins". She is also an ordinary woman with an extraordinary passion for dance. As a young girl, she attended ballet school and as she grew older, ventured out to explore different forms of dance. This exploration, eventually, lead her to Belly Dance. Once she found it, she was hooked.  Her first introduction to the world of belly dance was in 2007 at a fitness facility.  Yes, a fitness facility.  As beautiful and sensual as belly dance is, it is also a great way to stay fit.  

Her love for the dance grew rapidly. About a year into being a student, she was given the opportunity to become a teacher. This was an opportunity she could not resist. A chance to share with other women what belly dance gave to her...a greater sense of self. She discovered the wonderful benefits this art form brought to her in both body and spirit and was eager to help other women discover the same thing. With the practice of belly dance, women can get closer to their self identity, on an entirely new level, increasing self esteem, releasing stress and getting deeply in touch with the feminine essence in their soul.  Once becoming an instructor, she found that there are many forms, styles and fusions of belly dance...Tribal, Cabaret, Turkish, Egyptian and many many more...What's Yours?  

Welcome to the world of Belly Dance!!!
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